Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of April 23 This is a good week for being surprised.

the beauty of it all
Drunk Elephant Founder Tiffany Masterson Is Suspicious of 6 Things Talking to the woman behind the fastest-growing skin-care brand.
obsessive tester
6 Women Review Everlane’s New Flats It’s the brand’s most affordable (and comfortable) shoe yet.
I Think About This a Lot: This Song About Zach Braff Maybe this song sticks with me because it gets to a little tiny truth in the world: we’re trained to see the faces we love everywhere.
Would You Go to a Facialist Accused of Plotting Murder? Dawn DaLuise is ready to make her comeback under the name “Killer Facials.”
pregnancy loss
The History of Talking About Miscarriage The cultural silence around miscarriage is relatively new.

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Talking Feminism With a Medieval Times Queen Erin Zapcic went from “bar wench” to Queen Doña Maria Isabella.
The Hillary Book That’s ‘Going to Piss Off’ Both Sides New York Times reporter Amy Chozick on her new memoir, Chasing Hillary, and the decade she spent reporting on Clinton.
Cynthia Nixon Is Serious About This Race. You Should Be Too. She’s already won by moving the governor to the left. And she’s beginning to think she just might win the whole thing.

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ask polly
‘Should I Leave My Amazing But Frustrating Relationship?’ You can’t fix this. Because no matter how “good” you are, he encounters you as a threat.
sex diaries
The Assistant Who Wants a Sex and the City Experience This week’s sex diary.
it's complicated
The Struggle of Learning How to Be a Girlfriend I’d never had to look out for anyone besides myself before — and getting out of my solo mind-set involved a steep learning curve.
Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of April 23 This is a good week for being surprised.
sex negative
The Time I Almost Lost My Job for Having Sex at Work “I was really into it — the little hint of danger was exciting. That’s when I heard the front door open.”

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the new girlfriend rollout
Now Brad Pitt Is ‘Infatuated’ With MIT Professor Neri Oxman Let’s take a look at Pitt’s tabloid rollout.
what's good
The Higher You Get, the Better the Shaggy and Sting Album Is Two incredibly cheesy men got together and made sort of lame, but surprisingly delightful, pop-reggae music.
talking to
9 Rajneesh Followers on What Wild Wild Country Got Wrong And what Ma Anand Sheela was really like in the flesh.
Inside the Atelier of Dior’s Longest-Serving Designer Marc Bohan was the creative director from 1961–1989.
The Best-est Party Looks of the Week One awe-inspiring look from every fête that mattered.
An Artist Reimagines ‘Alice in Wonderland As a Muslim Woman Maïmouna Guerresi designs the clothing in her mystical portraits of “Aisha.”

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Busy Philipps on Instagram, Her BFF Michelle Williams, and Losing Heath Ledger Instagram’s favorite storyteller has so much more to say.
The ‘Mirror Face’ of 17 New York Women Women, photographed through a two-way mirror, reveal what they desire in themselves.
Teens Already Know How to Overthrow the Government You would too if you’d grown up reading the Hunger Games.
Zazie Beetz on Deadpool, Atlanta, and Overcoming Her Anxiety In the chaotic world of Atlanta, she’s a grounding force.
Jameela Jamil Has Found Her Good Place The British TV presenter turned American sitcom star embraces life as a loose cannon.
I Started the Media Men List My name is Moira Donegan.
Katja Blichfeld Gets What She Wants After a year of changes, the quietly commanding High Maintenance co-creator embarks on a new life.
Lena Waithe Is Creating the Culture The Emmy winner simply tells the stories that she knows best. The difference is that, suddenly, everyone wants to listen.
The Chef Who Stood Up to Ivanka Trump Chef Angela Dimayuga gets ready to party.
Every Parent Wants to Protect Their Child. I Never Got the Chance. To fight for my son, I have to argue that he should never have been born.
The Life and Death of a Radical Sisterhood Fifty years ago, a group of women convened in New York with one clear goal: Dismantle the patriarchy. Their struggle feels all too contemporary.
We Are All Implicated in the Post-Weinstein Reckoning As stories about abuse, assault, and complicity come flooding out, how do we think about the culprits in our lives? Including, sometimes, ourselves.
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