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Rosie Assoulin Made Seashell Accessories Cool Again


Remember when puka necklaces and seashell bracelets were the only possible accessories you could think of? If not, you missed out on a fun trend of the early aughts. Today, fashion’s curator of cool, a.k.a. , brought it back at her spring 2018 presentation.

The show took place in a Soho warehouse with little decoration or fuss — Assoulin was smart to know that her clothes were so eye-catching, no one would care. Her signature casting of interesting, emerging models wore every color of the rainbow in nearly every look a woman needs in her wardrobe, from denim to work wear and red-carpet gowns.

Shell accessories in variety of unexpected designs were the show’s highlight: a seashell belt styled with a navy-blue suit, and another tailored suit in pink with seashell detailing on the hem, and, as seen above, a straw top-handle bag with seashells playfully arranged like a smiling face. If that doesn’t inspire a trip to the seashore, we don’t know what will.

Rosie Assoulin Made Seashell Accessories Cool Again