Here’s How an Alt-Right Troll Auditions for Survivor

Chuck Johnson.

Survivor is a show where people lie, deceive, and poop outside in the hopes of winning money. Twitter is a website where people lie, , and figuratively for no apparent reason. So it makes sense that after he was , Chuck Johnson — an alt-right troll and who was once dubbed “” — would try to get cast on Survivor.

On Tuesday, the obtained Johnson’s Survivor audition tape, in which he tries to parlay his internet infamy into reality-TV infamy, bragging, “Using my patented trolling techniques, I was the first man kicked off of Twitter. I guarantee you I’ll make it to the last man on Survivor.”

Johnson gained notoriety for, among other things, misidentifying the woman he believed was the subject of Rolling Stone’s , suggesting an engineer’s sexuality caused a 2015 , and how many Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust.

Despite his qualifications, Johnson was not cast. But you can still watch his audition tape below:

Here’s How an Alt-Right Troll Auditions for Survivor