I Can’t Stop Looking at These Photos of Donald Trump Bidding Hope Hicks Farewell

“That’s Hope Hicks.”

Soon, Hope Hicks will join the long list of people who have left the Trump administration behind them. But unlike others — who were reportedly physically removed from the premises or, say, found out they were fired while they were on the toilet — Hicks received a warm good-bye from the president. The outgoing White House communications director was one of Trump’s , so it’s only fitting that he bid her an over-the-top good-bye as he headed out to board Marine One for a trip to Ohio. It took place in front of the White House — and, crucially, in front of a bunch of cameras.

Here’s the classic and natural “point directly at the person you’re saying bye to” gesture we all know and love:

A handshake and a cheek kiss:

And a dramatic pivot to her new life, a.k.a. her parents’ house in Greenwich, Connecticut.

I Can’t Stop Looking at These Photos of Trump and Hope Hicks