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Nicki Minaj Just Blessed Us With Two New Songs

From this day forward, may April 12 be forever known as #Nickiday to commemorate the blessed events that just occurred: King Nicki released two new songs in advance of her new album (the first since 2014’s The Pinkprint). With singles “Chun-Li” and “Barbie Tingz,” she’s back with a vengeance and our AirPods are about to get worn down by repeat plays.

Check out “Chun-Li” (yes, inspired by Street Fighter), a song that may bring back the Mai Tai as an acceptable cocktail:

And my personal favorite: “Barbie Tingz.” Both feature Nicki at her best: Cocky as hell, rapping over an undeniably great beat, refusing to be upstaged by anybody else’s new singles (especially .)