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Is Ariana Grande’s New Perfume Inspired by Her Love for Pete Davidson?

Ariana Grande. Photo: Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images

Ariana Grande is on a mission to make June her month. She’s already announced a new album called Sweeter, dropped some songs with Nicki Minaj and Troye Sivan, appeared on the cover of British , and gotten engaged to Saturday Night Live’s — and now she’s releasing a new fragrance.

Last week, Grande put up teaser posts on Twitter and Instagram showing off a new perfume with a pale-blue bottle that’s shaped like a cloud. Along with the photo, Grande wrote, “New perfume coming soon” with a cloud emoji.

What’s with all the clouds? Well, it’s a symbol connected to her relationship with Davidson. Basically, Grande and Davidson are on cloud nine about each other. Arianators — Grande fans — noticed that she once left dozens of the cloud emoji on an Instagram comment in which he talked about how happy she made him. Davidson also has a cloud iPhone case, and Grande with a cloud case as well.

This isn’t Grande’s first perfume. In fact, she’s already released four: a unisex one named after her brother, ; a floral and marshmallow scent called ; a citrusy one called ; and a floral one called.Grande didn’t share what her mysterious cloud perfume will smell like or be called. But if you were a betting person, you could guess that it will smell like fresh rain and be inspired by the couple people are calling either Grandson or Pariana.