Giant, Diaper-Clad ‘Trump Baby’ Blimp Will Fly Over U.S. Skies Soon

Photo: Richard Baker/In Pictures via Getty Images

Earlier this month, a disturbing 19-foot blimp of adult-baby Donald Trump wearing a diaper flew over the Parliament Square Gardens in London for two hours during a massive march in opposition of the president’s visit to England. Now activist and social worker Didier Jiminez-Castro is bringing the blimp stateside. Its first stop? The president’s “summer White House,” otherwise known as Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Jiminez-Castro, a New Jersey resident, reached out to the balloon manufacturer immediately after seeing how much support Baby Trump got in the U.K., with a petition in favor of it accruing over 10,000 signatures, and official approval from mayor Sadiq Khan. Started on July 13, Jiminez-Castro’s raised $4,500 in a matter of 22 hours, according to . As of this afternoon, the page had raised over $9,000.

Grassroots organization People’s Motorcade, who frequently protest outside of Trump’s club when he’s in town, will assist the balloon’s launch as soon as mid-August. The satirical blimp will eventually make appearances in New York City, Philadelphia, and along the east coast. Baby Trump’s journey can be followed on and .

“The Baby Trump is not just a piece of humor, but it is also a symbol of the administration. It’s symbolic of the children that are in cages, it’s a symbol of racism — and we know that he hates to be ridiculed,” Jimenez-Castro of his campaign.