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Are You Johny Johny or Papa?

Photo: @BillionSurpriseToys-Nursery Rhymes & Songs/Youtube

Of course, by now you all know “Johny Johny. Yes, Papa?,” the popular new meme . The “Johny Johny” videos sometimes vary in specifics, but they tend to feature a child, another similar-looking child, a Papa with a mustache, a Mama, an ice-cream cone, and, of course, a fridge; they are quite normal. The plot follows “Johny Johny” as he gets caught doing something he should not do, and the videos are set to the rhythm of .

But, in your hours of viewing Johny Johny videos, did you ever wonder: “Am I a Johny Johny or a Papa?” If you’re not “telling lies,” ha-ha-ha, I believe you must admit that you have. For your learning pleasure, we at the Cut have constructed a quiz to determine which one you are: a Johny Johny or a Papa.

Johny Johny. Yes, Papa? Taking quiz? Yes, Papa. Telling lies? No, Papa. Take the quiz, then. Ha-ha-ha!