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I Love This Cats-Obsessed Gymnast Even Though She’s a Poser

Celine van Gerner. Photo: Julian Finney/Getty Images

It’s indisputable that Dutch gymnast Celine van Gerner thinks the world is a better place with Cats in it. The Tony Award–winning musical masterpiece served as the inspiration for her eccentric final floor routine at the 2018 European Championships, during which claims that she went “full-blown cat.”

While the aforementioned report starts off on a good note, describing van Werner’s cat-like stage makeup and hair, about halfway through the piece lies a highly disturbing detail — one that is maybe even a little offensive (to Cats):

Van Gerner says she has yet to actually see Cats. It’s set to tour in the Netherlands, but it’s sold out and she doesn’t yet have a ticket.

I should’ve known that something was up with her performance, as adults who are actual fans of Cats know better than to shamelessly flaunt their enduring love for the oft-ridiculed, immortal musical. As the New York Post in 2016, “Cats is a musical with the power to end friendships.”