Does This Look Like a Chastity Belt to Anyone Else?

Photo: Isabel Infantes/PA Images via Getty Images

Riccardo Tisci’s debut for Burberry included all the very British elements you might expect, like reworked trench coats and the brand’s signature plaid. But it also included a seat-belt-like contraption that involved an umbrella attached to a belt secured with a padlock, all of which was worn over a suit. We have some questions.

As a means for carrying an umbrella, this set-up seems impractical. Oh dear, it’s raining — better find my keys! So perhaps it’s actually a metaphor. Might it signify the symbolic chains applied to businessmen who wear Burberry suits the world over, shackled to their jobs? Or perhaps it’s a commentary on climate change and unpredictable weather patterns? Really, it reminds one of the original , the chastity belt. Just for men! True, the piece technically wouldn’t prevent sexual activity, but wearing it certainly would make it less likely.