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God, These All-Red Outfits at Valentino Are So Good

Photo: Satomi Kokubun/REX/Shutterstock

It’s no secret that we think the easiest way to look as stylish as possible is to wear an all-red outfit. And designers agree, and have for many seasons. But Valentino reignited our love for the color at its pre-fall show in Tokyo. The show had 90 looks, 28 were all red (with five that were red-and-black printed). And God are they good. Many of them were gowns — not super surprising for Valentino — but some were layered red outfits that look like something you could conceivably replicate on a non-Valentino budget.

Here, we have the opening look. A casual all-red look that also looks roomy and comfortable (the dress is basically a caftan and is styled with combat boots).

And next, a ladylike all-red look with clownlike red combat boots. Cocktail head-to-toe red.

And let’s not forget the men’s head-to-toe red (an exciting new development!) The feathers on the hat is just the cherry on top of a cherry sundae, but a regular red bucket hat would suffice.

Can’t wait to see what Frances McDormand does with these dresses.

The collection was inspired by Japan, particularly the concept of wabi-sabi, or imperfect beauty. “Western culture is about symmetry, perfection, static beauty, while wabi-sabi is more close to the idea of harmony, of inner grace. Time goes by and it adds, it doesn’t take away,” designer Pierpaolo Piccioli told . Embrace the idea of imperfect beauty by experimenting with Valentino-inspired red eye shadow.